VHL Rework: Volume 1

Introducing Our Upgraded Rink and Stick Models!

We’re thrilled to unveil the new models of our rink, featuring innovative patterns for an enhanced experience. In addition, we’ve completely reimagined and rebuilt our stick model from the ground up! Below is a showcase of some images to give you a glimpse of our refined designs.

Unleashing a Revamped User Experience with Our New Menu UI and Settings!

We're super excited to show you our new menu look and improved settings! We made them to help make your experience better and easier. Everything has been thoughtfully made to be easy to use, look good, and work smoothly.

Mechanics Integration with Steam services

We're really happy to share that we've successfully connected our game mechanics with Steam servers! Everything is working just as it should, without any lag. Your gaming experience will be smooth and enjoyable!

Multiplayer Showcase

We're thrilled to share some internal news - our team has successfully tested the new multiplayer gameplay feature! We’ve been able to join sessions with multiple players, experiencing smooth and responsive gameplay. It’s not ready for public release just yet, but we’re making great progress and can't wait to share more updates soon!

What's Coming Up Next

We're working hard to make our game even better. Here's a quick look at our next steps:
Mechanics Balancing: Making gameplay smoother and fixing small bugs.
Game Modes: Adding new ways to play the game.
Gameplay Features: Bringing in timers, goalie, replays, and more to make the game more exciting.

These updates will make the game more fun and keep everything running smoothly.

We're focused on fixing any issues quickly and making sure the game is fair and fun for everyone.