Multiplayer Features that are coming to the VHL Alpha version!

We decided to preserve multiple solutions for our multiplayer. We will keep P2P solution in our project together with Listen Servers, those solution will stay hidden in the game and most likely will be used and triggered only at certain times during the day, so we don't waste server compute power.

At peak hours of the day, we will be using a Dedicated Server solution which is used by the most famous games and studios across the world. Disclaimer: The pricing is really high so if we're unable to keep donations going and good marketing, we will step down from that solution for the time being.

Another feature that we implemented are Multiple Login Methods. Which will provide a flexibility to choose preferred login methods. Included: Facebook, Google, or custom account with email. Steam and EOS, might not be included in Alpha version.

Player database and Leaderboards: We will be able to track player's data and track of player's progress.

Shop and Inventory: At start we weren't sure if we will be capable of releasing in-game shop as early as Alpha version comes out, but here we are. With our first solution players will be able to buy in-game items and thanks to inventory implementation select and customize their purchased items.

We're excited to bring you standalone version of Zealot Hockey we hope you will enjoy the gaming experience. We are expecting a lot of bugs and issues during first release of Alpha as we weren't able to test all properly so we would like to ask you to stay patient and give us constructive criticism as a feedback.