ELO Pre-Season Reward

First VHL Reward is here!

We are more than happy to announce that the progress of VHL Standalone project is going the right path. Thanks to that we could focus on more fun stuff and entertainment for you guys!

As you could see we have prepared an ELO Pre-Season, winners will be able to wield our newest and also first official stick reward... and yeah there is much more to it than simple nice colors! Here you can taste a first preview!

Awesome isn't it?

To obtain this stick you will need to fulfill the following:
Behavior: Warnings, Language & Sportmanship
Activity: Advices, Games Played & Winrate
ELO: Highest ELO Role obtainable and #1 rank

Those eligibility requirements are there to avoid all unsportsmanship like behavior and playstyles that ruin other players experience.

We'll be implementing a deterioration system for the elo god. What does this mean? Whenever the elo god does not play any games for a whole week his points will start deteriorating to increase competitiveness and avoid AFK after the elo god is reached

We want to create nice and friendly community and prepare all of us for the new beginning where players should help each other!

As VHL - Virtual Hockey League is currently still out of scope for this Pre-Seasonal launch, we decided that all the games will be played on the official Zealot Hockey map.

All ELO games have to be played on our official Discord server.